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My best friend and an inspiration

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Hello, My name is Jersey May. I live with my brother Mr.Red and 4 cats. My two dads were there for us since the day we were born on August 21 2000. When we were 8 weeks old our birth mom ran away and dad had to raise 8 of us.Luckily we had 2 dads in the house to make things easier. When I was 1 I decided to be like my mom and run away and play and got hit by a car at 60mph. Dad rushed me to the ER and almost lost me but I am a strong woman and pulled through.I did have a wonderful doctor named Dr.Collett who amputated my rear leg. After a long rehab I was able to play, run,  and wrestle with my brother again for many years. My dad was walking me one day 2 months ago and noticed a hard lump on my leg and took me to the vet.They did test biopsy etc and found it to be bone cancer.  I did not know anything was wrong but I noticed my dad crying allot.The doctor said that amputation was not really an option since  dad did not want to put me through not having any back legs and the cancer had spread too much for radiation to work. Dad did everything he could for me , cooking all of my meals , giving me K-9 Immunity, extra rubbing on my belly any time I wanted, lifting me up on the bed so I can sleep with my brother and him, and lots of kisses. I don’t know why he is crying all the time. I am not in any pain . He says that’s why I have to take all those pills. He tries to slip them in my food but I am way too smart for that so I have to take them the hard way. I am not as mobile as I was 2 months ago since the cancer has spread to my lymph nodes  and is attacking my leg. I notice dad crying more and more and he tries not to let me see but I notice and lick those tears away and wag my tail. I tell him it ok dont worry I have had a great life with my fathers . If it was not for them I would have only had a year of life to enjoy. I dont know if I will make it too much past my birthday August 21st but want to thank them for everything they have done for me and my brother and that I love them very much.

Jersey May

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Posted by on August 18th, 2010 at 1:40 AM

26 Responses to “Jersey May”
  1. 1
      GerrysMom says:

    Completely awful and unfair – that’s cancer for ya. You know better than to wallow about it, Jersey May, unlike us humans. We aren’t quite evolved enough not to weep over little things like pain and death, but you and your species continue to inspire us to outgrow that.

    Thanks for you sharing your story. Thoughts and prayers are coming your way for you and your pack.

    • 3
        jerseymay says:

      Thank you for listening.

  2. 5
      admin says:

    Thanks for joining the Tripawds community and sharing Jersey May’s story. She sounds like a real Trooper, and is quite a beauty. Wipe those tears, follow her lead and keep enjoying every moment together. We look forward to hearing more!

    • 7
        jerseymay says:

      Thank you for the opportunity to share.

  3. 9
      etgayle says:

    jersey may, you are a brave woman – an inspiration. sounds like your dads are aces as well…isn’t it amazing how we can end up as a ‘family’ together, meeting all these challenges and such – maybe it’s kismet. with all that love surrounding you, you are in the best place possible. thanks for sharing your story, we’re sending our blessings to you!!

    charon & gayle

    • 11
        jerseymay says:

      Thank You for the kind words

  4. 13
      jerry says:

    Jersey May, what a beautiful girl you are. And what an awesome show of strength, courage and absolute spunk you have! After all you’ve been through, and you still have the ability to inspire others and show humans what really matters in life….wow. Thank you for sharing your life in this blog.

    Our hearts go out to you and your Dads. Getting bone cancer in a remaining rear leg is something that all Tripawd pawrents fear the most, and we grieve knowing what your family is going through right now. We know you’re helping them so much but if there is anything we can do just bark OK?

    Much love coming your way.

    • 15
        jerseymay says:

      Thank you for the warm words.I am so happy that I found this site. There is so many wonderful and caring friends here.

  5. 17
      Ginger says:

    Jersey May –

    You are truly amazing! You said you wanted to thank your family and that is so nice of you. But I have a feeling that they want to thank you too – for being a blessing their lives. Keep kissing those tears away and waggin’ that tail of yours.

    Sending Golden hugs and kisses your way.
    Ginger and pawrents, Brian and Annie

    • 19
        jerseymay says:

      You are right. I thank her every day every minute I can. She is the world to me….
      Thank you

  6. 21
      Carmen (Catie's Mom) says:

    Oh, Jersey May, I know you’re a strong, strong lady and have been through so much and you’re beautiful and truly amazing and – oh my – how much love you have had from your fathers (and how lucky to have two!) and how much you have given back to them but your story still breaks my heart.

    I’m sending many, many, many hugs.

    Carmen, Catie and Riley

    • 23
        jerseymay says:

      Thank you Carmen and Catie.

  7. 25
      jerseymay says:

    Since it will be Jersey May’s and Mr.Red’s 10th Birthday on Saturday I was wondering if anybody had a good Puppy Cake recipe. {Dont tell them but I want her last birthday to be special.}

  8. 27
      Leslie says:

    Hi Jon, Jersy May and Mr. Red are just adorable. I’m so sorry to read about Jersey May’s diagnosis. I hope you are able to make it the best birthday ever!!

    I don’t know any recipes, but if you visit the forums you’re sure to find some. There’s a whole lot of ice cream eaten in this community, so I know you’ll find an ice cream recipe.

    Here’s to the best of friendships! Give your pups a hug from us!

    Leslie and Roxy

    • 29
        jerseymay says:

      Thank you.I did find a good one with carrots and peanut butter.whit a cream chees frosting.

  9. 31
      admin says:

    wondering if anybody had a good Puppy Cake recipe.

    The entire pack should enjoy carrot cake! For the pups, consider a couple hamburger and veggie cakes with cottage cheese icing. That’s what Jerry enjoyed on his one year ampuversary.

    We know what you’re going through since we celebrated Jerry’s 10th birthday just days before we released him from his broken body.

    • 33
        jerseymay says:

      Wow it does sound like exactly what I am going through. You do know what I am feeling.I was very happy to have her make it to her 10th as I am sure you were too. I did make them a cake and took a picture .I just have to figure out how to post it.Good idea I will make them a good dinner treat tonight too.

  10. 35
      jerseymay says:

    Well I guess I figured it out.I have a new picture under new post section. Sorry still figuring this out not a smart computer person.

  11. 37
      Chloe's mom says:

    So heartbreaking to hear Jersey May’s story… Its unfortunate that dogs can’t be bipawds easily… Bone cancer is no fun from what I have read in blogs or in the forums 🙁 My tripawd Chloe had a soft tissue sarcoma, so amputation “cured” her of it, but she had been a 4 legger for 9.5yrs before that. Keep spoiling her like crazy! I like your dog cake idea!! I will definetly make one for Chloe once she moves back up with me (to complicated to explain here)!

    -Chloe’s mom

    PS I like the theme you chose (I chose it too for chloe!)

    • 39
        jerseymay says:

      Thank you, Glad to hear Chloe is well. I hope she is adjusting to her new life style.I hope she comes back to you soon! Best wishes.

  12. 41
      nstephenson says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to Jersey May and Mr. Red!

    Jersey May, I hope you had a wonderful cake. Your dads sure love you a LOT! Aren’t birthdays fun?

    It’s my birthday tomorrow! Hope I get a cake too.

    James the poodle

    • 43
        jerseymay says:

      Thank you James! Our best Birthday wishes to you and your troop.

  13. 45
      credocanis says:

    Jersey May, it looks like you deserve all the love you have been given. True, devoted, and appreciative…ahhhh, but who does this apply to? You, or your Dads?

    Maybe both, I suspect. It’s like Lincoln says……”It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Lincoln’s Mom

  14. 47
      Chloe's mom says:

    I was really touched by your story so I decided to post another comment offering to you the chance to have Chloe and I “walk” for Jersey May at an upcoming K9 Cancer Walk. I have made a shirt for the event and have written about 20 names of dogs who have bee diagnosed, are survivors, or who have passed from cancer. Like I said, we would be honored to walk for Jersey May by adding her name to the back of my shirt. Please check out the forum topic I posted about this to see pictures of the front and back of the shirt I am making. If you would like me to add her name please leave a comment on the forum topic. Thank you and best wishes again.

    Here is the link to the forum:

    -Chloe’s mom

  15. 49
      jerry says:

    Jersey May, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from you and we just want to let you know we are thinking of you today. Much love being sent across the universe to you and you pack.

    • 51
        Jersey May says:

      Thank you for checking on me.I been a trooper like always but know my time is getting near. My other dad is a truck driver and is out on the road trying to get here to see me one last time before i go. But I am not sure I will make it.In the mean time dad is doing everything possible to make me comfortable but I am not sure how long i can hold on.
      Jersey May
      Thank you for thinking of us.I do read whats going on and think what Cloe’s mom is doing is great. It is hard for me to write since it is getting time for me to decide when to rest her(all I do is cry while typing). I dont sleep much as you can see i am writing this at 2:50 am. It may be this week but I am hoping for the next week.
      Will keep you informed
      Thank you again