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My best friend and an inspiration

August 21st, 2010 at 1:20 PM | Comments & Trackbacks (19) | Permalink

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Hello, My name is Jersey May. I live with my brother Mr.Red and 4 cats. My two dads were there for us since the day we were born on August 21 2000. When we were 8 weeks old our birth mom ran away and dad had to raise 8 of us.Luckily we had 2 dads in the house to make things easier. When I was 1 I decided to be like my mom and run away and play and got hit by a car at 60mph. Dad rushed me to the ER and almost lost me but I am a strong woman and pulled through.I did have a wonderful doctor named Dr.Collett who amputated my rear leg. After a long rehab I was able to play, run,  and wrestle with my brother again for many years. My dad was walking me one day 2 months ago and noticed a hard lump on my leg and took me to the vet.They did test biopsy etc and found it to be bone cancer.  I did not know anything was wrong but I noticed my dad crying allot.The doctor said that amputation was not really an option since  dad did not want to put me through not having any back legs and the cancer had spread too much for radiation to work. Dad did everything he could for me , cooking all of my meals , giving me K-9 Immunity, extra rubbing on my belly any time I wanted, lifting me up on the bed so I can sleep with my brother and him, and lots of kisses. I don’t know why he is crying all the time. I am not in any pain . He says that’s why I have to take all those pills. He tries to slip them in my food but I am way too smart for that so I have to take them the hard way. I am not as mobile as I was 2 months ago since the cancer has spread to my lymph nodes  and is attacking my leg. I notice dad crying more and more and he tries not to let me see but I notice and lick those tears away and wag my tail. I tell him it ok dont worry I have had a great life with my fathers . If it was not for them I would have only had a year of life to enjoy. I dont know if I will make it too much past my birthday August 21st but want to thank them for everything they have done for me and my brother and that I love them very much.

Jersey May

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