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Posted by on August 21st, 2010 at 1:20 PM

19 Responses to “Our 10th Birthday Aug 21 2010”
  1. 1
      jerseymay says:

    Here is what we like to do best! Lay in the warm California sun.Here is the cake dad mad for us this morning.He said we could have a piece later.

  2. 3
      Mackenzie's Mom says:

    Oh Jersey May – I just read your blog and am so happy that you get to celebrate your 10th birthday. Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!! How lucky that your dad made you that scrumptious looking cake! I hope you enjoy it and that warm sunshine too. We’re from LA – what part of CA are you from?
    I am amazed at how strong and brave you are. You are a true inspiration and we will definitely be keeping our paws crossed for you and your dads (how wonderful that you get 2 Dads too!)Keep us posted on how you’re doing! Happy Birthday!!!

    • 5
        jerseymay says:

      We live in Lompoc. Thanks for the warm birthday wishes.The cake was good but Dad did not like it much,but he tried it:]

  3. 7
      jerry says:

    Ohhhhh sweetie! Hoppy Hoppy Birthday! You are so strong and beautiful. We are honored to be celebrating with you!!!!

    And we think that cake looks deeeeeeeelicious! You’re Dad’s silly!

    • 9
        jerseymay says:

      Thanks, I know, isn’t he silly? I think it is his tharapy.

  4. 11
      admin says:

    Hoppy Birthday To You! Hoppy Birthday To You! 🙂

    What good pups not to pounce on that cake.

    • 13
        jerseymay says:

      It was hard to pull their eyes away from it for the camera. Thank you!

  5. 15
      kobe341 says:

    Happy Birthday – Kobe is also 10 and knows what a fun age it is 🙂 It looks like your cake was super yummy and that you had a perfect day to celebrate!! Thanks for sharing a picture of your special day!!

    • 17
        jerseymay says:

      Thank You everybody!! We are getting ready to climb(lift me) up on the bed with dad and see if we can push him off. We think its funny that dad only gets a quarter of the bed and we get the rest, but we know he would not have it any other way.

  6. 19
      Ginger says:

    Happy Birthday. 10 is a great age.
    Your cake looks very yummy!

    • 21
        jerseymay says:

      We liked it but dad did not care for it. More for us!!

  7. 23
      etgayle says:

    happy birthday!!! i’m ten and a half..that cake looks yummy to me too!! hope you had a great day.


    p.s. charon doesn’t get much bed either, but she says she’ll take what’s left after mr. murphy and i find our spots…geesh…

    • 25
        jerseymay says:

      Boy do I know the feeling .2 dogs and 2 cats.on a queen,but would not have it any other way.

  8. 27
      Carmen (Catie's Mom) says:

    Yummy, yummy, birthday cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jersey May!!

    • 29
        jerseymay says:

      Thank you for the Birthday wishes!!

  9. 31
      Chloe's mom says:

    The cake looks delicious and Jersey May and her brother are so adorable!! They are very good to pose and not scarf down the food (Chloe would have)… Keeo spoiling her while you can!!

    -Chloe’s mom

  10. 33
      jerseymay says:

    Thank you, I am spoiling them as much as possible and so many kicces my lips are chapped.

  11. 35
      travisray says:

    Awwww, Jersy May, aren’t you the luckiest grrrrl ever? 2 Dads, a loving brother and kitties! And cake!

    As my sis Codie Rae would say….Happy, Hippy, Hoppy birthday girlfriend!!!

    She would also say….

    Jersey May, you are hereby inducted into the Tripawd Girldogs with 2 Names Rock Club!

    Codie Rae needs some company there!

    Thinking of you here in the Bay Area where it was 100 degrees today! We be hot in the ‘hood tonight!

    Travis Ray and the Oaktown Pack

    • 37
        jerseymay says:

      Thank you!!